Two Out Of Three Tab by Meatloaf

Two Out Of three - By MeatLoaf

B                                        Bmaj7              E                                       B 
Baby we can talk all___night_                   but that ain't get in us no -  where, 

                     Bmaj7                      G#m                       E
I've told you ev-'ery-thing that I pos-si-bly can         there is really nothing left inside of here. And

B                                   Bmaj7                               E                                                B                          
Maybe you can cry all night but that'll ne  -  ver change the way _____that I feel.___

                     Bmaj7              G#m                  E                                             F#
The snow is real-ly  pil-ing up out  -  side   I wish you wouldn't make the leave here

E                       F#         B              C#m  B     E                              F#          B             C#m  B
I poured it, and I poured__ it out__, I tried to show you just how much I care.__

E                                   F#          B              G#m            A                     
I'm tired of words and I'm to hoarse to     shout___   but you've been cold to be so long, crying 

E                                           F#
i-ci-cles  in-stead of     tears.___ 

         E            F#              E           F#               B                    D#m      G#m
And all I can do_____ is keep on telling you I want you, __           I need you

                 E           F#                      D#m                     G#m                       C#m
 But there ain't no way___ I'm ev______er gon-na to love___ you  now don't be    

        E                            Gdim7         G#m
sad  'cause two out of three__ ain't bad
           E                       F#                   B                   C#M
you'll never find your gold__ on  a   sandy beach
B        E                                F#      B                C#m  
you'll never drill for   oil__ on  a  cit-y  street
       B               E                            F#     B                 E
I know you're looking for a ruby in a moun-tain of rocks
B              A                                                                        F#
But there ain't no coop to fail hiding at the bottom of a cracker Jack box
I can't lie
E                                                                      D#m
I can't tell you that I am something I am not no matter how I try. I'LL never be able to 
                 E                                                        F#
give you something  something I just haven't got
              B                                                                            E            F#       B
There's on-ly one girl that I will ev-er love, and that was so many years ago and though I know I'll never 
             G#m                                       E                                      F#
get her out of my heart, she never loved me back__        ohh____I know.
       B                                                                                     E                          F#                B
I re-member how she left me on a storm-y night, she kissed me and got out of our bed__ 
                                                  Bmaj7                  G#m                                       E                
and though I plead-ed   and  I  begged her not to walked out that door, she packed her bags in turn 
                  F#                                     E          F#                        E          F#                    E           F#  
right away.____   And she kept on tell-ing me,   she kept on tell-ing me, she kept on tell-ing me 
        B                            D#m        G#m                              E             F#                 D#m                    G#m
"I    want    you__ I           need  you,     but there ain't no    way__ I am ev  -  er gon-na to love__ 
                  C#m                                            E              G#             B
you, now  don't be sad,_____ because        two out of three ain't bad."
                  C#m                                            E              G#             B
        now  don't be sad,_____ because        two out of three ain't bad."
B                                       Bmaj7                    E                              F#       B
Baby we can talk all____ night but that ain't getting us no - where 



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